Lana’s Yummy Rootbeer Ribs

I tried this recipe a little different this time. I boiled the ribs in root beer oppose to water before slow baking it a few hours.


What you will need:


2 rack pork ribs

Half a bottle of rootbeer (2L)

Barbecue sauce

Hickory smoke sauce

Garlic powder

Seasoning salt






Place ribs in pot with half bottle of rootbeer or until ribs are covered then boil them down for a half hour to 45 min or until you thin the meat looks to be seperating nicely away from the bone.

I would drain the ribs into a strainor leaving some liquid for the pan. Place ribs in a baking pan with the little liquid that’s left over from the pot. Put your BBQ sauce and hickory smoke sauce on

(you can find it by spices). Sprinkle all your spices on to taste and toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for 2-3 hours, I bake mine for 3 hours and they are so yummy and slip off the bone.


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