Stuffed Hot Italian Connelloni

This was an easy dish to throw together one night when I was craving something spicy and Italian. It was a toss up between making a lasagna or using the Cannelloni noodles that were sitting in my cupboard.
Regular size bag Cannelloni noodles
Mozzarella cheese
1 jar of Pasta sauce of your choice
1 container of cottage cheese
1 container of ricotta cheese
Fresh spinach
Parmesan cheese
Package of ground Italian sausage
Italian seasoning
First you need to cook up your ground sausages once almost cooked add half an opinion, your mushrooms and spinach to your frying pan until nicely cooked,.
Boil your noodles in a pot until they are cooked. While the noodles are cooking make your cheese mixture. Get a large bowl then add your ricotta cheese, drain your cottage cheeses then place it in the bowl along with your Parmesan and one egg, now stir it all together. You can add also some Italian seasoning to the mix.
Add your pan mixture to the cheese mixture, stir it all together. Once all stirred you can stuff the noodles. Be sure the noodles are nicely cooled down so you don’t burn yourself.
When I’m ready to stuff my mixture I get a freezer ziplock bag, cut the end tip and place my mixture in the bag, it’s waaaaaayyyyy easier then using a spoon to stuff the noodles.
After all the noodles are stuffed and placed in a small pan, add your full jar of pasta sauce or until all is nicely covered, sprinkle more Italian seasoning and sprinkle your cheese on top, place in the oven at 350 and back for 45 min – an hour.
Enjoy it with garlic bread it’s so delish!!!
Have any questions just email me.

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