Whaleoil blogger relocates family over death threats

Published: 10:37AM Wednesday January 29, 2014 Source: ONE New

Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater says an on-going tirade of death threats has forced him to relocate his family.

Mr Slater’s Whaleoil blog remains down after crashing yesterday.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Mr Slater says the latest threats have particularly targeted his daughter and he will be making a formal complaint to police today.

“I spent last night going through Facebook, taking screenshots of the threats that have come in via text and I’ll be laying a complaint with the police against those individuals.”

Mr Slater believes the threats are coming from the West Coast.

The harassment began after an article was published on the blog over the weekend, calling a West Coast man who died in a car crash “feral”.

“What we’ve got here is a basic, locked-down, watertight case of cyber bullying,” he says.

“I’ve had something like 200-300 people attack me on Facebook, asking me to commit suicide, demanding that I meet them somewhere so they can kick my teeth in, and saying they know where I live and they’re coming round to kill me.”


Whaleoil, the country’s most visited blog, is most well-known for exposing Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s extra-marital affair last year.







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