I am a single mother from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada that like to dabble in new  hobbies and create whatever i can get my hands on. I been designing natural body care ideas since 2008, this has been a craft that I have become passionate about and get excited when creating, it’s like being a baker or chef and creating your own recipes and style that make so you stand out above other creative designers. I have created body balms, bath fizzies, bath salts, sugar scrubs, soap handmade and melt and pour, lip balm, foot balms, body butters, massage oils, foot balms, bath powders, carpet powder, facial clay powders, bath melts and other countless creations.

It all started with my one year old daughter when she started developing dry cracked skin and so I began looking at ingredients on the back of my soaps and lotions, after all these are items we use on our body every and realized I couldn’t read what the ingredients were let alone pronounce them, this lead me to became concern with what I was putting on her skin as well as mine. I thought to myself ” there has to be a healthier way of taking care of my skin?” so I started researching how to make natural body balms and body butters? As I dug deeper into the concept of making my own DIY natural creams and other body treats I found majority of the items used can be found in grocery stores and health care stores such as olive oil, coconut oil, bees wax, honey, sugar, baking soda, natural spices, grapeseed oil which is natural preservative and essential oils just to name a few.

As I continued into my quest for developing natural treats that are healthy for our skin I began thinking of other natural ways of how to create many fun delicious body treats for my family and friend, which I found gift giving to my friends on special occasions and was becoming a habit, I wanted so bad for them to have the same experience enjoying these rich oils combined together I couldn’t help but always gifting even when it wasn’t a special day. My family and friends fell in love with my homemade gifts and began to want more, so now I’m at at crossroad ready to spread my wings and fly into something that will hopefully benefit me and my daughter in the long run. With some of my past creations I have used Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Aloe Butter, Avocado Butter which all have there own element added into my creations, some butters and oils are oily than other oils but its all about finding the right combination. I have expanded into using clays when making my own facial powders, glycerin based soaps, mica’s for colour but I do prefer using as natural colours such as spices or tea leaves, essential oils more often than fragrance oils but it all depends on what one looks for and likes, everyone is different in that way and have different tastes but I truly believe what you put on your body does effect you in some way either good or not so good. Now that I’m ready to spread my wings, I am excited to show some of my creation to you create this blog to show you some of my natural body treats from past to present that I have designed and other incorporate other crafty or food ideas that you may want to apply for your own family.


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