Bath melts

This is something I whipped up and is great for that chapped winter skin especially in this weather we’re all having across the world. Throw it in your bath and watch it melt away while you relax and take in the refreshing essential oils. If you’re not a fan of these oils I have provided feel free to add what you like.

DIY Bath Fizzy Melts


DIY Natural Body Balm

You will need:
Beeswax, mango butter, avocado butter, camellia seed oil, hemp oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, essential oils, measuring spoons, crockpot or double boiler, spoons( I like the rubber ones so you can scrape all the oils from the bowl, 3 or 4 jars depending on the size, I filled up 3 jars at a 4 oz measurement each, stir sticks, scale to measure weight and a measuring cup.
2 ounces of beeswax
4 ounces of mango butter
1 tablespoon of avocado butter
1 tablespoon of camellia seed oil
1 tablespoon of hemp seed oil
1 tablespoon of Castro oil
Grape seed oil
1 teaspoon of Essential oils or fragrance of your choice
Weigh out your butters on a scale, once that is complete place the beeswax in the crockpot on low heat, wait for beeswax to melt. Once the beeswax has melted place then solid butters in a glass measuring cup and place it into the microwave and slowly melt checking every 10-15seconds( be careful not to burn your butters. After your butters are melted add in all your liquid oils.
Your measured liquid oils and butter oils will not add up to a cup as of yet so you need to top it off with a carrier oil. I used grape seed oil in this recipe but you can add olive oil, apricot oil or whatever it is you have on hand. Place all melted oil from measuring cup into the crockpot, you will notice the liquid oils becoming a solid, don’t be alarmed that’s due to the beeswax so let that melt down.
Once all oils have been melted pour out of crockpot and back into a measuring cup for easy pouring and cool down the oils. You’ll see a little of a ring around your measuring cup that’s a good indication that your oils are cooling down and you can now add your essential oils or fragrance oils( they are both equal in measurement, a teaspoon of either).  After you stir in your essential oil or fragrance oil, stir well then pour into your jars.
Now you have a beautiful body moisturizer for you skin to enjoy that will replenish you skin cells and moisturize!!!!!
Designed Lana

DIY Natural Handmade Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm is a great idea to add to the stocking stuffers during the holidays or a wonderful gift idea for that special friend in your life and is easy to make and great for the winter months.

3 oz Bees wax
 7 ox Olive oil
2 oz Castor oil
2 tble spoon Aloe butter

 1 teaspoon Peppermint Essential oil

Melt your bees wax in a double boiler on low heat, DO NOT STICK IT IN MICROWAVE to melt, it could cause fire. Once the beeswax is melted add the rest of your oils but leave the essential oils for later ( do not add yet). Be sure all is melted and blend together.
Take the the mixture off the stove and let it cool down, I usually trasfere the mixture to a glass measuring cup, you’ll notice once it cools down a ring around the top of the liquid, it’s time to add your peppermint oil. Mix well and pour into little containors.
Once they are poured DO NOT touch them for 24 hours otherwise they tend to collapse in the centre.
Once they are solid add your lids.
Now you can label and put a nice bow around it.
I hope you will try this recipe and send me feedback. If you don’t have all the ingredients you can use the bees wax or a vegan wax and use all olive oil along with any essential oil, fragrance oil or maybe add no oil, it”s totally up to you. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN CREATION.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks to everyone that has liked or is following. Trying to figure out my way around this blog site is a bit difficult but I’m learning. I’m finding I can’t simply add thing to this site without having to upgrade my blog. Time will tell, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Lana’s Yummy Rootbeer Ribs

I tried this recipe a little different this time. I boiled the ribs in root beer oppose to water before slow baking it a few hours.


What you will need:


2 rack pork ribs

Half a bottle of rootbeer (2L)

Barbecue sauce

Hickory smoke sauce

Garlic powder

Seasoning salt






Place ribs in pot with half bottle of rootbeer or until ribs are covered then boil them down for a half hour to 45 min or until you thin the meat looks to be seperating nicely away from the bone.

I would drain the ribs into a strainor leaving some liquid for the pan. Place ribs in a baking pan with the little liquid that’s left over from the pot. Put your BBQ sauce and hickory smoke sauce on

(you can find it by spices). Sprinkle all your spices on to taste and toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for 2-3 hours, I bake mine for 3 hours and they are so yummy and slip off the bone.

Stuffed Hot Italian Connelloni

This was an easy dish to throw together one night when I was craving something spicy and Italian. It was a toss up between making a lasagna or using the Cannelloni noodles that were sitting in my cupboard.
Regular size bag Cannelloni noodles
Mozzarella cheese
1 jar of Pasta sauce of your choice
1 container of cottage cheese
1 container of ricotta cheese
Fresh spinach
Parmesan cheese
Package of ground Italian sausage
Italian seasoning
First you need to cook up your ground sausages once almost cooked add half an opinion, your mushrooms and spinach to your frying pan until nicely cooked,.
Boil your noodles in a pot until they are cooked. While the noodles are cooking make your cheese mixture. Get a large bowl then add your ricotta cheese, drain your cottage cheeses then place it in the bowl along with your Parmesan and one egg, now stir it all together. You can add also some Italian seasoning to the mix.
Add your pan mixture to the cheese mixture, stir it all together. Once all stirred you can stuff the noodles. Be sure the noodles are nicely cooled down so you don’t burn yourself.
When I’m ready to stuff my mixture I get a freezer ziplock bag, cut the end tip and place my mixture in the bag, it’s waaaaaayyyyy easier then using a spoon to stuff the noodles.
After all the noodles are stuffed and placed in a small pan, add your full jar of pasta sauce or until all is nicely covered, sprinkle more Italian seasoning and sprinkle your cheese on top, place in the oven at 350 and back for 45 min – an hour.
Enjoy it with garlic bread it’s so delish!!!
Have any questions just email me.



Growing up I always looked forward to any special occasion with family a specially when it came to Christmas. Everyone from the family would always prepare that one special dish and bring it that reminded them of the holidays so we would have everything from the turkey, sweet and sour meat balls, peregrines, cabbage rolls and so on…. But my ultimate favourite was those yummy Ukrainian bun called PYRIZHKY. So over the years I was in charge of making  them and bringing them for feast.
Now everyone has their own style in making PYRIZHKY and can be an all day event depending on your batch, if you want a small batch just simply cute the recipe in half.
But this is how I do it……..
2.5 cups warm water
2 tbsp sugar
2 pkg of yeast or 4tbsp of yeast in a jar
8 cups flour
1tsp salt
1/2 cup of melted butter or margarine
2 cups milk warm
3 eggs
1 cup of sour cream
1 jar or can of sauerkraut
1 pkg bacon
2 onions
 2 tsp Minced garlic
Place the warm water in a bowl and add the sugar then stir.
Add your yeast and let sit between 15 and half hour until it looks thick and foamy.
While you’re waiting for the yeast to foam or thicken up, in another bowl add your flour( I like to sift mine) and salt.
In another bowl mix you milk, eggs, butter and sour cream… Now really be sure to mix well.
Once the yeast is ready to go add your dry ingredients, mix together then add your liquid mix and knead well and let the dough rise in the bowl and place a towel over.
Cook up the bacon in a pan, once cooked add the sauerkraut,onion and minced garlic to the pan – fry it up. I also add salt and pepper to taste.
I let my dough rise for about until I as done frying my filling( about an hour).
Then I took a palm amount of dough and filled it with my filling. Closed the dough and places it on a pan with butter on top. Threw them in the over on 350 degrees for 30 min. It made around 20 buns depending on how big the bun is.
I had a little dough left so I added grated cheese to the dough and mixed it together for cheese buns.
Everyone loved them and you can make theses for any occasion.

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