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Natural Sugar Scrubs Desinged by Lana

I created these videos many moons ago when i ventured on exploring making natural sugar scrubs. Natural sugar scrubs are an easy and fun way to exfoliate your skin especially when trying to survive the winter months which can be extremely hard on ones skin.

The natural oils and butters are a great way to moisturize and replenish skin cells, the sugar acts as the exfoliant. I love adding RICE FLOUR to my skin care products especially when making facial masks, it is said to help with BLEMISHES, WRINKLES, ANTI AGING and PIGMENTATION. It is also a great exfoliant which leaves your skin extremely soft.


Used to absorb oil to achieve matte skin. If you have very oily skin, brushing rice powder lightly over your face will give you a very matte look. Because of this, it also makes an excellent base for make-up. Rice powder absorbs oil very well and keeps your make-up from fading throughout the day.

In wrinkle creams. Many anti-aging skin creams and wrinkle creams contain ceramides that were extracted from rice. The ceramides in rice closely mimic our skin’s, which can give it a more youthful appearance.

Mineral make-up. Rice powder is used in some loose or pressed powder compacts. It is especially found in mineral make-up. Rice powder does a good job of covering blemishes and flaws to give the skin a smooth finish, and yet it allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores.

Another ingredient I like to include into my skin care product is HONEY POWDER, it also can be used as skin softener and anti aging property benefit. It’s a humectan which has the ability to attract and retain moisture into the skin without making your skin oily.

there are many ways to build a sugar scrub recipe you just have to find what works for you, I love the fact that it also can be a great craft for the kids and is all natural , we always tend to grab what is easy and on the shelf but do you take the time to read the back ingredients and know what each and everyone means? I personally rather use a natural skin care item where I  know what each and every ingredient is this way, sometimes those other products used in the store may be more harmful to one skin then beneficiacl and that could be because the chemical they put into that cream or bath oil leave us with more problems in the futur.  We should be more concern what we put onto out bodies because what we put on the outside does effect the inside as well.

Feel free to leave me feed back, I always enjoy a great statement.